2014 Spring Concert: Celebrating 20 Years of
A Cappella at MBHS, Friday, May 23, 2014

Video clips of this concert are available on YouTube:

  • Accidental Harmony alums singing "Come to my Window" (posted on YouTube May 24, 2014, by Anne Scott)
  • InToneNation alums singing "Lonesome Road" (posted on YouTube May 24, 2014, by Anne Scott)
  • 2014 InToneNation members singing "Lucy" (posted on YouTube May 24, 2014, by pgglenshaw)

The preparations:

The concert:

Current members and alums singing an old standard, "Lonesome Road."
Photo by Anne Marie Hundzinski Scott, who writes: "All of these people have sung in some iteration of InToneNation over the past 20 years. I am humbled and honored to have been part of making that happen. Special thank you to Sara Josey for getting this event together and to Shirley J. Letcher for providing the support we needed to thrive way back when. Wow!"

Reception afterwards (on stage!):

The original members of Accidental Harmony:

Early members of InToneNation:
Heather Lindsay Sisan, Anne Marie Hundzinski Scott,
Abbie Baker, David Bauckham, Nick Goedert,
Ken Ho, Renee Olano and Rona Livnat Kronenberg.
Photo by Emily Shuster, who writes: "In 1991, three friends and I formed an a cappella group at our high school that we called Accidental Harmony. The group grew over the years and when most of us graduated and went to college in 1994, the three remaining members formed a new group called InToneNation. Today we got to sing at InToneNation's 20th anniversary concert! It was wonderful to be part of the celebration, sing with old and dear friends, and meet all the talented and all-around nice people who have been a part of Blair a cappella over the past 20+ years."
Ben Israel, Lauren Carey, Daniel Bates, Emily Yanisko Maloney, Rachel Carson, Randall Furash-Stewart and Kay Key. Photo by Randall Furash-Stewart.