Changes Made to the InToneNation Web Pages Recently . . .

(A chronicle of what your webservant Wild Bill has done. Latest changes are on top of the list.)

This is a list of design changes, stylistic changes, implementation changes and content changes made to the InToneNation website, including additions, removal or re-location of categories of content. Additions in functionality and revisions to the implementation of current functionality will also be recorded here. Warning: When implementation methods are discussed here, the description may get a little geeky!

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KEY: (C) - Content change     (R) - Content relocation     (S/I) - Style or implementation change     (F) - Change in functionality

5/30/2016 (C) - Created a photo album for InToneNation's night of entertaining at the Senior Academic Awards Night, May 11, 2016 (photo_albums/2016_05_11_academic_awards_night/2016_05_11_academic_awards_night.shtml). (WWJ)

5/30/2016 (C) - Updated the Members page (members.shtml). (WWJ)

9/07/2015 (C) - Updated the Calendar and Auditions pages (calendar.shtml, audition.shtml). (WWJ)

10/12/2014 (C) - Created a photo album for the MBHS 80th Anniversary Celebration at Strathmore on the Fine Arts website, and put a link to it in the ITN photo albums list (/photo_albums.shtml). Pointed the "PICS" entry on the ITN menu bar to the photo_albums listing created 06/04/2014 (/include_files/standard_IT_header_&_horiz_menu.txt). Removed the temporary link to the 20th Anniversary concert pics placed on the front page 06/04/2014 (index.shtml). (WWJ)

06/04/2014 (C) - Created and posted a combination photo/video album for the 20th Anniversary Concert that was held May 23rd. To accommodate multiple photo albums with their respective pics and videos stored with the .shtml file they belong with rather than having all photos on one page, created a multi-level folder structure under a new folder (called photo_albums) at the root level. Each album has its own sub-folder under that, and each sub-folder contains a 'pics' folder and an .shtml file. Adjusted the standard header and menu code to accommodate calls from multiple levels below the root (/include_files/standard_IT_header_&_horiz_menu.txt). Temporarily added a link to the new album on the front page (index.shtml), but eventually there will be a link to the new photo album page in the standard menu.(WWJ)

01/28/2014 (C) - Added to the Pics page (pics.php) pictures from the Sing Into Spring live audition to sing in the National Cherry Blossom Parade. (WWJ)

01/28/2014 (C) - Added pictures from the ICHSA A Cappella competition in Allendale, New Jersey, to the Pics page (pics.php). (WWJ)

01/11/2014 (C) - Replaced front-page photo of the group with a current-year photo (index.shtml). (WWJ)

12/12/2013 (C) - Added a "forms" directory to house forms required for the trip to the Mid-Atlantic Regional ICHSA A Cappella Competition at in Allendale, NJ. Forms were added to the Calendar page. (WWJ)

8/29/2013 (I) - Changed filename of Calendar page from events.shtml to calendar.shtml. (WWJ)

8/28/2013 (C) - Added ancillary pages containing scanned images of the two CDs Vocal Indulgence and Will Sing for Pants. For each of the CDs, these pages display images of the front and back covers and the CD disk itself, which often has a clever logo or whimsical picture on it. (cdinfo/vocal_indulgence/vocal_indulgence_detail.html and cdinfo/will_sing_for_pants/will_sing_for_pants_detail.html) (WWJ)

8/27/2013 (R/C) - Re-designed the "Past CDs" page, titled it "CDs We've Recorded" and re-named it in the file structure and updated the standard menu accordingly. (It was albums.shtml, is now cds.shtml) This re-design incorporates content from a series of other pages (cdinfo/album01.html . . . cdinfo/album09.html) into one page. It provides information about all nine CDs in one place, rather than nine different pages accessed in different ways, and provides even treatment of all of them, in a common format. To the extent known, it provides the date of recording or publication for each. Whereas the old page required javascript, the new one does not. As CDs become available for scanning, their jackets and the disk itself will be scanned and the images made available in new ancillary pages. The ancillary page for the oldest CD, 'Coppertone,' is an example of this. (cdinfo/coppertone/coppertone_detail.html) (WWJ)

8/24/2013 (I) - Figured out how to incorporate an SSI "include" command into a .php file, and implemented the standard header into the Pictures page. (Resolves exception left on 8/22/2013.) (pics.php) (WWJ)

8/22/2013 (C) - Added links to Facebook and YouTube to the front page. (index.shtml) (WWJ)

8/22/2013 (C) - Deleted unwanted song from the playlist. (new playlist3.xspf, with corresponding calls in standard header and pics.php) (WWJ)

8/22/2013 (C) - Created a new page to record site changes (changelog.shtml) and added it to the menu. (standard header and pics.php) (WWJ)

8/22/2013 (I) - Created a standard header and menu file which is "included" into each page using Server-Side Includes (SSI). This technique allows the header and menu to be maintained in one place, whereas previously the code for the header and menu was replicated on every page. To implement SSI, the code for the header and menu was replaced by an "include virtual" command in each page of the site, and the file extension of each page was changed from .html to .shtml. (index.shtml, events.shtml, members.shtml, videos.shtml, albums.shtml, history.shtml, audition.shtml, contact.shtml) Until the Pics page (pics.php) can be made to understand SSI commands, the header and menu will have to continue to be duplicated in this one file. (WWJ)

8/22/2013 (C) - Members page, Calendar page and Auditions page updated (members.html, events.html, audition.html) (WWJ)

8/21/2013 (C) - History significantly updated, using input from various past members who were involved in a cappella singing at Blair all the way back to 1991. (history.html) (WWJ)

8/06/2013 (I) - Distortion eliminated on front-page picture. (index.html) (WWJ)

8/05/2013 (I) - "Events" menu item changed to "Calendar". (all html files and pics.php) (WWJ)

8/05/2013 (I) - "Events" list updated with 2013-14 calendar items that are known at this time. (events.html). (WWJ)

8/05/2013 (C) - Membership list updated. It has not been updated in two years, since 2010-2011. Three years' classes added to Alumni list, 2012-13 and 2013-14 lists added. (members.html) (WWJ)

8/05/2013 (C) - Site updates begun by W. Josey. (WWJ)