Our 2005-2006 album, "Will Sing for Pants," was, once again, met with widespread critical acclaim. Read on:

"Will Sing for Pants," InToneNation's eighth album, was recorded at ITN Deluxe Studios (Diego's humid, crowded bedroom). To order your copy for just $13, fill out this form and email to find out where to mail it along with your money. It's money spent on supporting student-produced music, and it's also $13 that will go toward buying back Diego, whom we sold off as an indentured servant in order to pay for the creation of this album. Order today!


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  1. Free Fallin' - Tom Petty (arr. InToneNation, solo: Blustein)
  2. She's No Lady - Lyle Lovett (arr. Blustein, solo: Paul)
  3. I Will - Radiohead (arr. Blustein, solo: Ardila)
  4. Smooth Operator - Sade (arr. InToneNation, solo: Pollock, duet: Vongsathorn)
  5. Saturday in the Park - Chicago (arr. Blustein, solo: all)
  6. It's All Been Done - Barenaked Ladies (arr. Emily Vincent of the Chorallaries of MIT, solo: Blustein, vocal guitar solo: Paul/Ardila)
  7. What's Golden - Jurassic 5 (arr. Paul, solo: Paul)
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